The Haworth Center Daily Rates

Companion Room                 $   99/day

Private Suite                         $134/day

Deluxe Suite                         $147/day

Included Services:

Room and Board                           Three Nutritious Meals                          Pastoral Care

24 hour Supervision                    Medication Management                       Life Enrichment

Individualized Care Plan         Laundry of Clothing and Linens                 Housekeeping

Showers/Basic Grooming         Cable, Phone, Internet 


Customized Service Packages

Each of our residents have their own unique needs and wishes. We offer specialized service packages to meet those needs. An assessment is done for each resident to determine the service package most suitable for them.

Assisted Living Package (Level Two): Basic Rate + $480/month ($16/day)

Assisted Living Package (Level Three): Basic Rate + $630/month ($21/day)

Assisted Living Package (Level Four): Basic Rate + $720/month ($26/day)

Additional Supportive Services available on site:

Physical Therapy                        Occupational Therapy                      Speech Therapy 

  Podiatry                                      Ophthalmology                                  Hospice