The History of The Baptist Manor

Who We Are:  

The Baptist Manor is a non-profit, Christian organization that has provided affordable, quality housing and personal care to senior citizens for the past 63 years. Under the sponsorship of area churches, and through the private support of caring neighbors, our unique complex has grown to become a 35-acre campus with multiple programs. The campus consists of five communities, four located on W. 13 Mile Rd. and the other on Drake Rd. both in Farmington Hills, MI. The residents residing at the Manor come from many cultures, ethnic backgrounds and income levels. We provide a much needed housing option for the significantly under-served/underprivileged low-income segment of the senior population residing in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

Our History:  

March 15, 1954 marked an important milestone in the history of the "Detroit Baptist Home for the Aged." On that date, the Detroit Baptist Missionary Society elected Board members and held their first meeting in the Farwell Building. The historical records state that the committee, reminded by passages form Proverbs 3:5 and 6, moved forward with the plans to establish a Baptist Home for the Aged. The following is an excerpt from the files.   --"If in all ways we acknowledge Him, He will direct our ways and path' of His latest Detroit Baptist Missionary Society's expression of mercy and Christ's love for his elder children who have the need for the sheltering arms of a Christian home."


           1972 Alpha;   1974 Beta Homes;   1976 Gamma;   1980 Epsilon;   1981 Delta Homes;                 1983 Drake Building;   1988 The Haworth Center